Crosso bicycle panniers...

... are made by the leading Polish manufacturer of bicycle panniers that competes successfully with both Western and Far Eastern brands. There are five lines of Crosso bike panniers: Dry, Dry Plus, Smart, Twist and Expert – we have something for everybody.

X Modular System
An additional asset of our panniers is the X Modular System, which allows for composing panniers according to own needs and color preferences. This gives you two advantages: first, you stand out on the trail, and second, you have the freedom of choosing specific modules for each bike trip. After all, each one is different, so why not have panniers with different functions too?

Mounting systems and racks
We also offer three mounting systems – iconic and indestructible steel hooks (Crosso mounting system) as well as modern and quick-to-install panniers with Click mounting system as well as the recently added Rail mounting system to our offer, which fits the largest number of bicycle racks and allows you to carry panniers on the shoulder thanks to special handles to which a transport strap is attached.

We produce bicycle panniers which can be mounted on both front racks (lowridera) and rear racks.

So take a look around our store, browse FAQ, and if you have questions, feel free to ask.

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