Dry 60 panniers


The fully coated and fully waterproof fabric of the Dry bicycle pannier has a range of heavy adversaries to fight off: mud, water and dust.

Armed with welded connections, gaskets and a rolled closure, it will fight hard to keep your sleeping bag and spare socks ever dry – even during a downpour or when crossing a rushing stream.

Additional advantages of the Dry series are an attractive price, low weight and very large capacity.

When you return home after an expedition, you will appreciate how easy it is to wash the panniers.A shower head or garden hose will do the trick.

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CR.DRY.H.D60.000 , , ,


Find the dimensions of the Crosso Dry 60 bicycle pannier in the technical drawing

Panniers from the above offer are equipped with CROSSO MOUNTING SYSTEMwhich is shown on the photos in the gallery below. The photos are for reference only and the panniers shown in them may differ from the ones in the above offer.

Weight 1,75 kg
Dimensions 35 × 16 × 35 cm
Detailed dimensions

As indicated in the figure available in the “Description” tab


60 l

Data and price for

set (2 pieces)

Mounting system

Closure system

Main material

Method of panel connection

Reflective elements

Visible from up to 600 meters


Location on the bike



Dry 60


Azure, Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Light green, Olive, Orange, Red, Yellow

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