TPU Cordura

Cordura is the proprietary name for a polyamide (nylon) fabric with a special weave and durable fibers. It is currently considered the most durable material in professional pannier and backpack construction. Used by the military, special services, and outdoor equipment manufacturers who focus on quality. It is extremely resistant to mechanical damage, and its unique [...]

Coated fabrics

Plastel 620 and Polymar 650 are polyester fabrics which are coated on both sides. They are waterproof, but they also do not crack during frost. Products made of them are resistant to bending and very easy to keep clean. The fabrics mentioned above are the primary materials in products from the Dry collection.

PVC Cordura

Cordura is a polyamide fabric which is currently considered the most durable material in the construction of professional panniers and backpacks. It is used by the military, special services, and the most renowned manufacturers of outdoor equipment. Its biggest advantage is that it is extremely resistant to mechanical damage, while its special weave prevents possible tears […]

Nylon TPU Lite

Nylon TPU Lite is a very light polyamide material coated with thermoplastic polyurethane. Despite its lightness, it is highly resistant to abrasion and tearing. The material is fully waterproof and is the primary material in the ultralight Zipper Lite collection. We also use it in the production of the inner pockets in Expert panniers.


Plastic buckles are an inseparable part of camping bags. They serve various functions, such as locking, adjusting, holding, or mounting. Buckles very often support heavy loads, and their damage may lead to the malfunctioning of the whole bag. This means that there’s no room for compromise, and so while designing our panniers we use plastic […]

Stainless steel

In the production of our equipment we use non-corrosive alloy steel. Thanks to their properties, these elements can withstand difficult weather conditions and do not require any additional protective layers. That is why they have a delightful, natural, silver shine. Compared to carbon steel, stainless steel is more rigid and tougher, which makes it more resistant to […]

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