Is the price for the panniers a set or a piece?

We sell all our panniers in sets, which include two panniers – right and left. 

Can I buy one pannier?

We do not sell individual panniers. The exception to this rule are incomplete panniers available in our Outlet – then it is clearly indicated in the title and description that the offer applies to one pannier.

Are our panniers and bags made in Poland?

Yes, they are. We have a production plant in Bialystok (Poland), where our products are made, from design through sewing to packaging.

Can I return the goods and how do I do it?

You have 30 days to return the goods from the moment of purchase. To return the goods, please fill this form and send it back together with the returned goods to the following address: Crosso, Siedzikówny Street 13, 15-130 Bialystok / Poland.

Where can I see your panniers live?

Our stationary store is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00-15:30 in Białystok at 13 Siedzikówny Street =>
We accept payments both in cash and by card.

How is the Expert line different from the Twist?

Generally speaking, if we buy two lids and two pocket fastenings with two Pocket 3 bags for Twist X60 panniers, we will create a set of Expert 66 panniers. Twist X60 panniers with X Modular System were created to match the set exactly to your needs.

Are all our products waterproof?

All bicycle panniers from the Dry, Dry Plus, Twist, Expert line, Dry Bags, Twist Bags, Expert Bags as well as Pocket and Mini Bags bags protect the contents in the IP67 waterproof class, i.e. they ensure: dustproof, protection against intense, long-lasting rain and during a momentary full immersion.

Are there any adapters / reductions for racks with pipes with a diameter of 6-8mm in the set of the panniers with the Click mounting System?

Yes, they are included.

Can I replace the Crosso mounting system with a Click or Rail?

You can replace the mounting system yourself. However, it requires a few tools such as a drill, screwdriver, flat spanner, punches and the ability to use them. The mounting holes of the Crosso, Click and Rail mounting systems do not match. So it will be necessary to drill the new ones and seal the old ones with a repair kit.
Tip: Use a leather punch to make holes in the fabric.

Can I send you my panniers to replace the mounting system?

We do not provide such a service.

Will I void my warranty if I modify my Crosso panniers?

You will not lose your warranty for items that were not affected by the modification. For example, if you spread the hooks to fit a rack with larger tubing diameters, you will lose the warranty on the hooks only, but the warranty on materials, seams, welds etc. will still apply.

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