Smart Panniers with inner pocket – Click System


Based on the proven and popular Twist 60 pannier, its younger sister was created with many unique features which make it SMART and we introduce them in our offer for the first time.

Smart bicycle panniers are made of high resistance to abrasion and tearing Cordura TPU – currently the most durable material from which bicycle panniers are made. These panniers are heat-sealed and coated which makes them waterproof. Closed with the well-known and proven pannier roll system.

They are equipped with an internal (detachable) pocket, which consists of two chambers. The larger one will fit a small laptop, tablet or book. The smaller one (zippered) will be perfect for transporting documents, wallet or other camping trinkets. Additionally, the pocket is equipped with a carabiner to which, for example, keys can be attached. The total size of the inner pocket is 34cm high, 23cm wide at the bottom and 28cm at the top.

On the back wall of the pannier there is an external pocket that can be used to transport an additional water bottle, 1.5-liter bottle, wet sandals or other things (sweaty T-shirt, wet socks) that we do not want to put inside the pannier.
The size of the pockets can be adjusted with a zipper. To ensure comfort and failure-free operation, we used the highest quality Japanese YKK® zippers in this pannier.

The offer applies to two panniers (2×30 liters) mounted on the rear bicycle rack.

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These panniers are fully sealed, the polyurethane coating protects our belongings not only against heavy rain, but even when the pannier is temporarily fully immersed in water! Polyurethane is a plastic that we use to coat Cordura. This ensures very precise, strong and tight welding of the pannier in high frequency (so-called HF). We are the only manufacturer of bicycle panniers in Poland and one of the few in Europe that use this technology which:

  1. makes Cordura fully sealed,
  2. is soft and pleasant to the touch,
  3. compared to materials with PVC coating:
    a) has better adhesion to the carrier (Cordura) – higher durability,
    b) has better resistance to mechanical damage, such as friction,
    c) withstands more kneading cycles – does not flake off on bends,
    d) stiffens less during frost,
    e) retains a fresh look for longer,f) does not contain PVC,
    f) does not contain PVC;

Smart Panniers – dimensions

Panniers from the above offer are equipped with CLICK MOUNTING SYSTEM which is shown on the photos in the gallery below. The photos are for reference only and the panniers shown in them may differ from the ones in the above offer.

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Main material

Mounting system

Closure system

Location on the bike

Reflective elements



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