Pocket 3 bag


Pocket 3 is a highly practical bag made of durable and waterproof TPU Cordura. It can accommodate a wallet, documents, a camera, a phone and other small items you may want to protect from dust and moisture. The Pocket 3 is produced with the use of HF 3D welding technology, which ensures tightness, durability, and aesthetic finish.

The set includes a strap with adjustable length for carrying the bag on your neck or shoulder.

The Pocket bag is compatible with the X Modular System, thanks to which you can increase the functionality and capacity of Dry X60 and Twist X60 panniers. Mix colors, create your own unique panniers.

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CR.EXP.W.PO3.000 ,


Pocket 3 bagduring travels of our clients on different continents:

Pocket 3 bag - seizes

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Detailed dimensions

As indicated in the figure available in the “Description” tab

Data and price for

one piece


Black, Red


3 l

Main material

Method of panel connection

Closure system

Reflective elements

Visible from up to 600 meters


Modular system


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