Twist X pocket fastening


Twist X pocket fastening for X Modular System panniers: Dry X60 and Twist X60.

After fixing the fastening on the pannier, you can use it as a Mini Bag, Transparent Mini Bag or Pocket holder.
You don’t need these products, however, to carry additional baggage in the fastening.
You can put a water bottle, first aid kit, sandals in there… anything that fits and is less than 1.5 kg in weight.

Read more about X Modular System.

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The Twist X pocket fastening is attached to the bicycle pannier using buckles and straps which are delivered as part of the set.

The straps can also be used independently. You can use them for example to attach a sleeping mat to the back wall of the pannier.

The Twist X pocket fastening is made of Cordura TPU.
It has a retroflector that increases visibility after dark.

The above photos illustrate how the Twist X pocket fastening can be used. The subject of the offer is one fastening with a set of buckles for fixing the pocket on the pannier with the X Modular System and two straps.

Downloadable files:
Instruction manual for the Expert 66 / Twist X66 panniers; page 2 of the document refers to the pocket fastening.

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one piece

Modular system

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Main material

Reflective elements

Visible from up to 600 meters


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