Crosso mounting system

The Crosso mounting system is a combination of simplicity and functionality. The panniers can be mounted in no time, and the whole load is safely secured on a rack. Steel hooks ensure unparalleled durability and dependability verified during trips to the furthest corners of the world.

For easy mounting, removal, and handling of the pannier.

Mounting hooks
Made of 3 mm thick steel. Protected from corrosion through galvanizing. Permanently attached to the stiffening board with steel rivets. One hook can successfully shift a much bigger force than the one affecting the pannier. What is more, unlike plastic hooks (in case of a bike accident), steel does not break and can be straightened out, so you won’t be stranded with a broken pannier in the mountains or in the middle of the steppe.

Adjustable holdfast
Allows you to set the optimum amount of pressure for your panniers on the rack. The elastic element keeps the panniers immobilized on the rack, even on bumpy roads.

Main strap
Ensures that the pannier adheres to the rack. Shifts shear force to the skid plate.

Pressure hook
Keeps the pannier immobilized on the rack. Distributes the load evenly between the two mounting hooks.

Back wall stiffening
The polypropylene board we use to stiffen the wheel-side of the pannier is crucial for the system’s safety. It prevents the bag from becoming entangled in the bicycle spokes during a ride.

Protective kit
Every set has a protective kit containing plastic tubes, which protect the rack from being scratched by the hooks.

See below all our panniers equipped with the Crosso mounting system.