Dry line bicycle panniers

Dry series bicycle panniers are the most popular line of our bicycle panniers, mainly due to the lowest price and still full waterproofness. Although they are inferior in durability to the Twist and Expert lines, they are still extremely functional.

We use coated fabrics to produce them, which makes the panniers very easy to wash even after the muddiest trips.

The Dry 30 and Dry 60 models are one of our oldest products that have stood the test of time and many expeditions to the farthest corners of the world - so we are sure that by choosing them in combination with the classic Crosso mounting, you will cover many thousands of kilometers on your bike with them. Take a look at the photos presented above and see who and where rode with our Dry panniers.

We produce Dry panniers in the above-described basic version and in the Dry removing pockets and/or hood - read more about X modular system.