Rail mounting system is a patent of the German company Rixen & Kaul. We decided to include it in the offer because it is an extremely solid and universal structure that you can adapt to your bicycle rack even easier than the Click System.

The main advantages of the Rail mounting system are:
    • smooth adjustment of the spacing of the upper hooks on the rail – in the Click System, adjustment takes place at designated points,
    • the hook lock has a spring which reduces the play between the hook and the spring with its clamp, so that the pannier sits tightly and does not knock while cycling,
    • the lower hook is adjustable in the horizontal axis and can be rotated around its axis,
    • easy to adapt to different models of racks,
    • possibility of disassembly with a Phillips screwdriver (e.g. for transport),
    • the top rail is made of aluminum, and the hooks are made of even more durable material than in the Click System,
    • the eyelets to which the handle is attached are also the points for attaching the strap for carrying the pannier to the shoulder;

Panniers with the Rail mounting system can be mounted on bicycle racks with a tube diameter between 8 and 16 mm. After putting on the pannier, the system adjusts itself to the diameter of the rack. If you want to see the comparison between all our mounting systems please read this article.

See below all our panniers equipped with the Rail mounting system.

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