Crosso low-rider front rack


The low-rider front bicycle rack (aluminum) boasts an impressive load capacity of 15 kg, making it the choice of bicycle travelers touring the roads and wilderness around the world for years.

The low-rider rack is compatible with a fork leg diameter of 25-50 mm.
A unique mounting system using v-brake mounting provides exceptional structural rigidity.
Additional mounting points on the fork are not required.
However, if your fork has a threaded hole on the side, you can use it instead of the clamps provided in the set.

The v-brakes themselves are not actually necessary to mount the rack, but their pivots are.
So if your bike has disc brakes, but at the same time has unused mounting points for v-brakes, you will be able to install our front rack on your bike.

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Front bicycle rack, the so-called
low rider, is a perfect match for Crosso panniers, but you can easily mount bags from other manufacturers with different carrying systems.

  • material: aluminum
  • tube diameter: 10.2 mm
  • the set includes three sets of clamps with the following diameters: 30 mm, 40.5 mm, 50 mm
  • Mounting for v-brakes

Front rack assembly manual

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15 kg

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