Rail mounting system

Rail mounting system is a patent of the German company Rixen & Kaul. We decided to include it in the offer because it is an extremely solid and universal structure that you can adapt to your bicycle rack even easier than the Click System. The main advantages of the Rail mounting system are: smooth adjustment of […]

Crosso mounting system

The Crosso mounting system is a combination of simplicity and functionality. The panniers can be mounted in no time, and the whole load is safely secured on a rack. Steel hooks ensure unparalleled durability and dependability verified during trips to the furthest corners of the world. Handle For easy mounting, removal, and handling of the pannier. Mounting […]

Moto mounting system

MOTO mounting system is used in our motorcycle panniers. The solid construction of aluminum and steel was designed in cooperation with motorcyclists and was thoroughly tested by them. Panniers with the MOTO system are designed for mounting on motorcycle frames with parallel upper and lower tubes with a diameter of 19-21 mm. If the diameter of […]

Which mounting system to choose?

All our panniers are available based on two mounting systems – Crosso and Click. Many people, especially novices in the pannier department, may not know which system to choose and how they differ. You probably entered this website expecting a whole essay and a myriad of options – let us surprise you! The answers to the most […]

Click mounting system

The Click mounting system is a patent of the German company Rixen&Kaul. We decided to use it because it is made of durable material and has a number of additional advantages: lockable hooks prevent the pannier from falling off the rack, adjustable hook spacing, adjustable pannier angle – thanks to this option, you can position the panniers […]

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