X Modular System – how does it work?

X Modular System – how does it work?

The X Modular System was created for all the fans of active lifestyle whose expectations for themselves and their equipment grow with every season. Whenever we take up a new sport or physical activity, there are always many expenses early on, so we realize that it’s not the best idea to offer you the best, most expensive panniers from the Expert collection right away. That’s why we came up with the modular system!

X Modular System – what is it for and how to use it?

Thanks to the modular system, you can adapt Crosso panniers to your needs. You may start with a basic X60 pannier and slowly build on it, adding new elements, such as an external pocket or a lid – that way, you can increase the capacity and functionality of your bicycle panniers. We always sell our panniers in sets (2 pieces), but you can buy a single external pocket if you only need one.

External pockets – what can you put in there?

Dry X pocket fastening

You can put anything into the external pocket, e.g., a water or drink bottle, soaked sandals/flip-flops or a rolled-up mat. You can also buy a specially designed Pocket (with a capacity of 3 liters) or Mini Bag (with a capacity of 2 or 3 liters, we do not recommend attaching 5-liter bags there). That way, you can easily collect all the small items you wish to have at hand in one place. You can also put a medical kit in there so that it’s within your reach whenever you need it.

Thanks to the straps included in the set, the Pocket and Mini Bag can also be used independently, without bicycle panniers – they’re waterproof and perfect for storing documents or small electrical equipment that require protection from mud, dust, and moisture. They’re also ideal for canoeing – we checked it!

External lid – when is it useful?

Dry X lidYou should buy an external lid, if you want to protect your panniers even better, for example from heavy rain that you might face in some region of the world and you know is inevitable.

You can also buy it if you don’t feel like opening the rear pannier every time you take off your sweatshirt, and you’d rather stuff it under the lid so that it’s at hand when you stop, and you don’t want to risk getting cold. You can use the space under the lid to pack, e.g., another 1.5-liter water bottle – extremely useful to those who plan to travel to desert or semidesert regions!

Which pannier line to choose and how do they differ?

There are two pannier lines in the X modular system – Dry X and Twist X. The main differences between them are the material used, their weight, and their price.

Dry X60 panniers – click on the product in the description to view full specifications

Twist X60 panniers – click on the product in the description to view full specifications

We offer one more pannier line, i.e. Expert panniers – they’re just like Twist X60 panniers, except with the additional modules we mentioned above. So the Expert pannier set includes two panniers, two external pockets, two Pocket bags, and two external lids. Those who choose Expert panniers simply know what they need and don’t bother buying separate elements one by one, as we described before.

Mix colors and stand out on the trail!

Our X modular system has yet another perk – a wide range of colors. Elements attached to the panniers not only improve their functionality, but also allow you to create your own unique combination of colors.

By buying separate modules, you can mix colors and create your own distinct color set! Below are all the available products that you can mix with each other within the X Modular System – both those made of Cordura TPU and coated fabrics.

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