Dry Plus 30 Panniers – Crosso System


Dry Plus panniers are a new line of products introduced at the beginning of the 2022 cycling season.

All bags from the Dry Plus collection are made of two materialsPVC Cordura as well as fully coated and fully waterproof fabrics known from the Dry collection. We used PVC Cordura in areas where the pannier is most vulnerable to damage, i.e. on the sides and on the bottom. Thanks to this, the panniers are even more durable than the Dry collection, but at the same time cheaper than the panniers from the Twist collection.

Of course, like our other models, Dry Plus panniers have a roll closure that ensures waterproofnessand protects the equipment carried in the pannier even from the most persistent dirt and dust.

We are well aware that at the end of a long and sometimes difficult day on a bike, there is nothing better than wrapping yourself in a clean and dry sleeping bag pulled out of your pannier to get some sleep and regenerate for the next day of cycling. Our panniers are extremely dependable in this regard and thanks to them you can sleep peacefully!

The offer applies to two panniers (2×15 liters) mounted on the front and rear bicycle rack.

In stock. Shippment in 24h

In stock


The panniers shown above can be mounted on the front and rear bicycle rack using the Crosso Mounting System.

Find the dimensions of the Dry Plus 30 pannier in the technical drawing

Panniers from the above offer are equipped with CROSSO MOUNTING SYSTEMwhich is shown on the photos in the gallery below. The photos are for reference only and the panniers shown in them may differ from the ones in the above offer.

Weight 1,14 kg
Dimensions 28 × 14 × 36 cm

30 l

Detailed dimensions

As indicated in the figure available in the “Description” tab

Data and price for

set (2 pieces)

Mounting system

Main material


Method of panel connection

Closure system

Reflective elements

Visible from up to 600 meters


Location on the bike

Front, Rear


Dry Plus 30



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