After submitting the form, please pack the returned products and send them to the following address: CROSSO, Siedzikowny 13 Street, 15-130 Bialystok, Poland. You must also add a note with the order number to the package with the goods, so that we know who sent the products back to us.

    How to return the goods?

    You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return the goods.

    1. Fill in the form:
    a) electronic on this page and to the package with the returned goods, you must add a note with the order number so that we know who sent the products back to us.
    b) paper, available for printing at this link. Include it with the returned goods.

    2. Send the returned goods to the following address: Crosso, Siedzikówny 13 Street, 15-130 Bialystok, Poland (at your own expense).

    3. After receiving the parcel with the returned goods, we will refund the funds to the account from which the payment was made or, if the payment on delivery was made or the option 2 was selected in the return form, we will refund the funds to the bank account number provided, which was entered in the return form.

    If you have additional questions – call us or write to us.

    • +48 501 403 192

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