Cordura is the proprietary name for a polyamide (nylon) fabric with a special weave and durable fibers.
It is currently considered the most durable material in professional pannier and backpack construction.
Used by the military, special services, and outdoor equipment manufacturers who focus on quality.
It is extremely resistant to mechanical damage, and its unique weave prevents any possible tear from growing.

The inside of the fabric is covered with a thick layer of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which firstly ensures complete tightness of the material, and secondly allows us to connect individual bag panels using high frequency (HF) welding technology.
Such a bond is durable, aesthetic, and waterproof.

The polyurethane coating does not crumble, crack at bends, or peel away from the fabric even under extreme weather conditions.
An interesting property of polyurethane that works in favor of the rolled bag closure system is its “adhesion”.
When you put two pieces of fabric with the polyurethane coating against each other, moving them will be difficult, there will be a distinct resistance, like in the case of rubber.
This property of the TPU Cordura makes the roll closure of the Expert and Twist panniers and bags more convenient (the material does not slip during rolling) and tighter (the opposite sides of the bag adhere better to each other).

TPU Cordura bags are recommended to those customers who expect the highest quality and durability from their equipment.

The description above suggests that it is some kind of miracle-material, the perfect fabric, space technology.
Well, in our opinion, that’s what it is!

Below you can find all our bike panniers made of Cordura TPU.

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