Which mounting system to choose?

Our panniers are available with three mounting systems – Crosso, Rail and Click.

Many people, especially at the beginning of their adventure with bicycle panniers, may ask themselves which one to choose and how they differ? Reading this page, you probably expect a study and a multitude of options and here we will surprise you! The answers to the most difficult questions are usually the simplest ones and it’s the same in this case!

The table below shows the main features of the mounting systems and the differences between them.

Crosso System Click System Rail System
Possibility to mount a shoulder strap NO NO YES
Removable hooks NO YES YES
Adjustable spacing of the upper hooks NO YES, only in designated areas YES, full length
Pannier angle adjustment NO YES NO
Rack tube diameter 10mm (without rack protectors up to 13mm) 6-10mm 8-16mm
Required "eyelet" for the bottom hook YES NO NO
Rack protection kit YES, included in set Not needed Not needed
Resistance to cracking when dropped Very high Medium High
Resistance to oscillations and vibrations Very high Medium High
Maximum load capacity per ONE pannier 17,5kg 8kg 10kg
Price Low Average Average


Choose the Crosso mounting system if you want panniers that are easy to put on and, thanks to the steel hooks, an almost indestructible mounting system that holds the bike rack very well. Panniers with the Crosso mounting system are also cheaper. Their disadvantage is weight, because steel weighs more than plastic.


Choose the Click mounting system if you hit your heels on panniers with Rail or Crosso systems. This can happen when you have a large foot and a short bicycle frame at the same time. The Click mounting system can be tilted and thus move the panniers away from the heel in the extreme position. Click is the system in which you can disassemble the hooks the fastest (e.g. for transporting a pannier by train or plane).


The adjustable spacing of the hooks of the Rail mounting system makes it suitable for the vast majority of bicycle racks. High-quality plastics and an aluminum rail ensure high durability. This system is equipped with “eyelets” to which we attach a strap to carry the bag on the shoulder. Rail mounting system is the lightest of all we offer – see the table below.


The table below shows the weight of specific mounting systems fixed on the rear and front panniers. The difference in weight between the rear and front panniers comes from the thickness and amount of stiffener used for the rear and front panniers. In the production of front panniers, we do not use the Rail mounting system yet.

Rear pannier Front pannier
Crosso System 489g 264g
Click System 464g 339g
Rail System 418g 305g

Do you want to read more about the Crosso, Rail or Click mounting system?

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