Tallbike to infinity and beyond

This is a true story, and every story needs a lot of effort to come true. Any idea, even the most extravagant and unconventional, can become reality, as the creation of a living individual who makes it real. Our journey begins on August 1, 2022, after spending about two years building a small budget and [...]

Will the Crosso rear rack fit my bike?

Due to the numerous questions we receive about the compatibility of our rear racks with the various models of bikes you have, we decided (with your help!) to create this list. If your bike is not on this list and you have our rack, please add your bike model in the comments section below the […]

Rail mounting system

Rail mounting system is a patent of the German company Rixen & Kaul. We decided to include it in the offer because it is an extremely solid and universal structure that you can adapt to your bicycle rack even easier than the Click System. The main advantages of the Rail mounting system are: smooth adjustment [...]

Crosso mounting system

The Crosso mounting system is a combination of simplicity and functionality. The panniers can be mounted in no time, and the whole load is safely secured on a rack. Steel hooks ensure unparalleled durability and dependability verified during trips to the furthest corners of the world. Handle For easy mounting, removal, and handling of the [...]

Click mounting system

The Click mounting system is a patent of the German company Rixen&Kaul. We decided to use it because it is made of durable material and has a number of additional advantages: lockable hooks prevent the pannier from falling off the rack, adjustable hook spacing, adjustable pannier angle – thanks to this option, you can position [...]

X Modular System – how does it work?

The X Modular System was created for all the fans of active lifestyle whose expectations for themselves and their equipment grow with every season. Whenever we take up a new sport or physical activity, there are always many expenses early on, so we realize that it's not the best idea to offer you the best, [...]

Roll closure

The roll closure for bicycle panniers, which can be found in our Dry, Dry Plus, Twist and Expert collections, is a praise of simplicity and a guarantee of reliability. We also use them in all series of waterproof transport bags and handbags. Roll closure: – protects against water, mud, and dust – enables capacity reduction through additional […]

Expert closure

The Expert closure in Crosso bicycle panniers, consisting of a lid and a roll top, provides double protection of the contents of the pannier. The lid in Dry X66 and Expert 66 rear panniers is detachable and its height can be adjusted depending on how much free space is left in our panniers. Thanks to such a solution, […]

TPU Cordura

Cordura is the proprietary name for a polyamide (nylon) fabric with a special weave and durable fibers. It is currently considered the most durable material in professional pannier and backpack construction. Used by the military, special services, and outdoor equipment manufacturers who focus on quality. It is extremely resistant to mechanical damage, and its unique [...]

Coated fabrics

Plastel 620 and Polymar 650 are polyester fabrics which are coated on both sides. They are waterproof, but they also do not crack during frost. Products made of them are resistant to bending and very easy to keep clean. The fabrics mentioned above are the primary materials in products from the Dry collection.

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