How to choose bicycle panniers?

Step 1: Search for panniers based on your needs Short trips and city rides Small panniers mounted on the rear rack are best for small loads. A set of two panniers with a 35-liter capacity can easily fit some warmer clothes, a guidebook and tasty provisions. In this segment we offer the following pannier types: Dry 30, Dry […]

Which mounting system to choose?

Our panniers are available with three mounting systems – Crosso, Rail and Click. Many people, especially at the beginning of their adventure with bicycle panniers, may ask themselves which one to choose and how they differ? Reading this page, you probably expect a study and a multitude of options and here we will surprise you! The answers […]

Stainless steel

In the production of our equipment we use non-corrosive alloy steel. Thanks to their properties, these elements can withstand difficult weather conditions and do not require any additional protective layers. That is why they have a delightful, natural, silver shine. Compared to carbon steel, stainless steel is more rigid and tougher, which makes it more resistant to […]

Which frame bag will be better? Zipper or Zipper Lite?

Zipper is a collection of bags mounted directly under the frame, available in several sizes. The first version was made of TPU Cordura. Shortly after its presentation, an acquainted long-distance cyclist praised us for its design and functionality, but also asked if we had made a lighter one. We took up the challenge and created the lighter […]

How to pack bicycle panniers?

For many people, especially those starting their adventures with bicycle trips, packing panniers turns out to be quite a challenge. And although it looks quite simple at first, because all the equipment can be thrown into the panniers at will, this approach will mean that we will be constantly frustrated during our bicycle trip and [...]
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