Which mounting system to choose?

All our panniers are available based on two mounting systems – Crosso and Click.

Many people, especially novices in the pannier department, may not know which system to choose and how they differ. You probably entered this website expecting a whole essay and a myriad of options – let us surprise you! The answers to the most difficult questions are usually the simplest, and this is one of those cases!

Pick the Crosso mounting system if you’re looking for a pannier mounting system that is simple and, thanks to the steel hooks, practically indestructible and that holds well to the rack. Panniers with the Crosso mounting system are also less expensive. The system’s weakness is its weight, because steel weighs more than plastic.

Pick the Click mounting system if the spacing of the hooks in Crosso system doesn’t match your rack.. In Click system, the spacing can be adjusted, which makes it suitable for more racks. If you frequently travel by train, plane or have to carry the panniers in your hands, the metal hooks in the Crosso system can be cumbersome, and securing them every time is time-consuming. In situations like that, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to detach the hooks in the Click system.

If you’d like to learn more, read our articles about the Crosso mounting system and the Click mounting system.

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