Moto mounting system

MOTO mounting system

MOTO mounting system is used in our motorcycle panniers. The solid construction of aluminum and steel was designed in cooperation with motorcyclists and was thoroughly tested by them.

Panniers with the MOTO system are designed for mounting on motorcycle frames with parallel upper and lower tubes with a diameter of 19-21 mm. If the diameter of the tubes is smaller, an insert made for example from a PVC hose should be placed on the tube.

The MOTO mounting system consists of two aluminum guides: one horizontal and one vertical. On the upper, horizontal guide, there are three steel hooks whose placement can be adjusted steplessly. The maximum spacing of the external hooks is 24 cm. The fastening mounted on the lower vertical guide is used to lock the pannier in place. The distance between the top and bottom tubes of the frame must be 21-27 cm.

MOTO system on a motorcycle frame

I. Preparation before first use

    1. Use a hex key to partially screw down the hooks, using the bolts provided, on the threaded plate located behind the upper guide. Screw down each hook with two bolts.
    2. Hang the pannier by hooking it on the support frame and shift the hooks into the required positions. The hooks need to hang entirely on the straight part of the tube. Tighten the screws with a hex key.
  1. The pannier remains on the support frame. Set the roller on the lower guide. Its top edge needs to touch the bottom surface of the support frame tube. Lock the roller’s position by turning it clockwise. To screw the roller tight, use a metal rod, screwdriver, hex key inserted into one of the openings on the side of the roller. Screw down the roller until there’s resistance.
  2. Put the washer and the aluminum disc (through the opening closest to the center of the disc) on the knob with a threaded spindle from the set and screw it into the nut implanted in the roller.

II. Usage

  1. To install the pannier on the support frame, grab the pannier’s handle and place the hooks on the upper tube of the support frame. Press the bottom of the pannier so that the roller located on the lower guide is in the correct position, i.e. below the lower tube of the support frame. Grab the disc and set it so that it “clutches” the lower tube of the support frame. Hold the disc in this position and lock it by screwing down the knob. Use the full strength of your arm. ATTENTION! Once screwed down, the disc will not be parallel to the wall of the pannier. It will be slanted, propped up against the roller and the lower tube. This is the desired position, which prevents the knob from unscrewing during bumpy rides. Do not use any washers to “even out” the disc. In order to detach the pannier, loosen the disc by unscrewing the knob and pull up the pannier by the handle.

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