Steel rear bicycle rack

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A steel bicycle rack is our answer to the needs of bicycle travelers going on multi-month expeditions away from large urban agglomerations. This rack will easily carry all the necessary equipment, water and food for long days during the expedition. It also provides a sense of security, as our priority in the design process was its durability. Every weld and every tube bend was made with due care by Polish craftsmen who know their craft perfectly.

As practicing cyclists, we know that accidents and unforeseen incidents during bicycle trips are not uncommon – so we provide you with equipment that is not only durable, but also repairable in the field. Our new expedition rear bike rack is made of steel, which is not only durable, but also the rack can be easily welded in the event of damage. If something happens that requires repair, you can go to the first owner of the welding machine you meet, e.g. a car mechanic, to have it repaired – you can do it right away, unlike a rack made of aluminum, the welding of which is a more difficult process and requires a special welding machine, which is more difficult to find outside larger cities.

The rack is available in two variants: 180 and 250 mm – they differ in the length of the mounting rods. Before purchasing, please refer to the technical drawing (link below). Transfer the given dimensions to your bicycle frame and check whether you will need longer rods or whether shorter ones will suffice. The upper mounting points are smoothly adjustable in all planes in both variants.

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The steel rear bicycle rack is compatible with all three mounting systems from our offer – Rail, Click and Crosso, but you can also easily attach panniers from other manufacturers with various mounting systems.

Thanks to its elasticity, the rack can be easily adapted to a bicycle with disc brakes in a situation where the elements collide with each other. For fixing on colliding disc brakes, you will need adapters of the appropriate size. You can expand it by up to 30 mm without losing load-bearing properties or reducing strength.

Replaceable lower mounting plates distribute the load over a larger area. The rear bicycle rack is supplied with a universal plate that allows for installation on bicycles with 26-29″ wheels.

If you have a bike with 26″ wheels or the rack mounting points are placed high and after mounting you have a lot of space above the wheel, you can consider purchasing 25 mm mounting plates, which will lower the rack by 20 mm compared to the standard one.

    • material: steel
    • color: black, powder coated
    • load capacity: 35 kg
    • weight: 935/940g (depending on the length of the bars)
    • location on the bike: rear
    • mounting to the bicycle frame: four-point, including 4 M5 screws
    • tube diameter: 10 mm
    • the rear mounting plate has holes for mounting lighting
    • replaceable lower mounting plates
    • upper mounting bars adjustable in the 3D system

The package with the rack includes two pairs of M5 screws: 12 and 16 mm. Shorter ones should be used for bottom mounting.

Will the rack fit my bike?

We are often asked this question. You can go to this website and check if your bike is on the list there. If it is not there, please refer to the technical drawing linked below. We will be grateful if you would like to share your observations and in a comment on the above-mentioned website you can add the brand of your bike, model, year, bike size and information whether the rack fits or not and whether any modifications were needed. We will be happy to supplement this table with information regarding your bicycle.

Technical drawing of a steel rear rack

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