Dry X66 Panniers – Rail System


Dry X66 offers waterproofness, capacity and functionality known from our flagship Expert 66 model at a lower price and with features typical of bags from the Dry collection.

The double-sided coated fabrics used in this model make it easy to keep clean and allow for independent and effective repairs using a repair kit. The waterproof fabric with a double roll-up closure system and a lid will protect the contents not only against heavy rain, but even during temporary full immersion!

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Our Dry X66 bicycle panniers traveling on different continents in user photos:

The offer applies to two panniers (2×30 liters) mounted on the rear bicycle rack. The set also includes: 2x pocket fastening, 2x lid, 2x Mini Bag 3l.

Two (set) Dry X66 bicycle panniers provide as much as 66 liters of capacity. However, if you don't need that much, you can adjust the volume by rolling it tighter, unzipping the pockets and removing the hood. The external Mini Bag pockets are attached to the bag wall with a specialfastening. This system provides easy access to the contents of the pocket as well as quick removal of the entire bag and taking it with you.

Thanks to the included shoulder strap, it becomes a convenient mini bag for things you need to always have with you while shopping or sightseeing.

You can use the pocket fastening to transport other items weighing up to 1.5 kg - it is perfect, for example, as a water bottle container. There is a pocket inside the lid for small items.

Dry X66 bicycle panniers are equipped with the best, durable buckles from leading manufacturers.

Panniers from the above offer are equipped with the RAIL MOUNTING SYSTEM, which is shown in the photos in the gallery below. The photos are for reference only and the panniers shown in them may differ from the ones in the above offer.

The main advantages of the Rail mounting system are:

    • smooth adjustment of the spacing of the upper hooks on the rail - in the Click System, adjustment takes place at designated points,
    • the hook lock has a spring which reduces the play between the hook and the spring with its clamp, so that the pannier sits tightly and does not knock while driving,
    • the lower hook is adjustable in the horizontal axis and can be rotated around its axis,
    • easy adjustment to different models of racks,
    • can be disassembled with a Phillips screwdriver (e.g. for transport),
    • the top rail is made of aluminum, and the hooks are made of even more durable material than in the Click System,
    • the eyelets to which the handle is attached are also the attachment points for the strap for carrying the pannier on the shoulder - you can buy it separately;

Panniers with the Rail mounting system can be mounted on bicycle racks with a tube diameter between 8 and 16 mm. After putting on the pannier, the system adjusts itself to the diameter of the rack.

Weight 2,960 kg
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