Cordura TPU repair kit


Have you had a bicycle tipper? Damaged your waterproof bike pannier or waterproof bag? That’s okay! Our repair kit for Cordura TPU products comes in handy.

The advantage of Crosso products is their ease of repair. The glue from the set creates a flexible joint that permanently connects to the glued surfaces. The repair kit will be perfect for waterproof bags and panniers made of Cordura TPU, i.e. Twist and Expert product lines.

If access to the damaged area allows, we glue the cut material from the inside. It is very important that the patch adheres perfectly to the repaired fabric with its entire surface.

If, after the glue dries, you find that the edges of the patch stick out, apply glue to them, press them down and put them aside to dry.

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The repair kit includes:
    • tube of glue with a capacity of 20 ml
    • 2 pieces of Cordura TPU 6x8cm in black or red
    • 2 alcohol swabs for degreasing the surface before gluing
    • a piece of sandpaper for roughening
    • stick for applying glue

The following video shows how to use the repair kit exactly:

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