Compose your own set of bike panniers – mix colors and stand out on the trail!

The X Modular System was created for all fans of an active lifestyle whose expectations for themselves and their equipment grow. with every season. Whenever we take up a new sport or physical activity, there are always a lot of expenses early on, so we realize that it’s not the best idea to offer you the best, most expensive panniers from the Expert collection right away. That’s why we came up with the modular system!

X Modular System – how does it work?

Thanks to the modular system, you can adapt Crosso panniers to your own needs. You may start with a basic X60 pannier, and slowly build on it, adding new elements, such as an external pocket or a lid – that way, you can increase the capacity and functionality of your bicycle panniers. We always sell panniers in sets (2 pieces), but you can buy, e.g., a single external pocket or lid, if that’s all you need at the moment.

Mix colors and stand out on the trail!

Our X Modular System has yet another perk – a wide range of colors. The accessories attached to the panniers not only improve their functionality, but also allow you to create your own unique color scheme.

Read more about the X Modular System.

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