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Wodoszczelne sakwy rowerowe, torby bikepackingowe i worki transportowe firmy Crosso

Wszystkie nasze sakwy rowerowe, torby na montowane na ramę roweru oraz worki transportowe są przede wszystkim wodoodporne, a po drugie wykonane w całości w Polsce.

Do wyboru jest pięć linii sakw rowerowych: Dry, Dry Plus, KST, Twist oraz Expert - różniące się od siebie materiałem, z którego są wykonane, a przez to ceną i wagą.

Sakwy rowerowe Crosso - wiodącego w Polsce producenta sakw rowerowych - skutecznie konkurującego zarówno z markami z zachodu jak i dalekiego wschodu, to gwarancja jakości, ale też doświadczenia popartego tysiącami kilometrów na trasie.

Nasze sakwy rowerowe posiadają trzy systemy nośne (mocowania) - kultowe i niezniszczalne haki stalowe (System Crosso), nowoczesne i szybkie w montażu sakwy z Systemem Click oraz ostatnio dodany do naszej oferty System Rail, który pasuje do największej ilości bagażników rowerowych i pozwala przenosić sakwy na ramieniu dzięki specjalnym uchwytom, w które wpina się pasek transportowy.

Produkujemy sakwy rowerowe, które można mocować na zarówno na bagażniku przednim (lowrider) jak i na tylnym bagażniku. Dodatkową opcją są torby bikepackingowe, czyli przypinane rzepami do górnej rury rowerowej torby wykonane z Cordury TPU.

Rozejrzyj się więc po naszym sklepie, poszperaj, sprawdź sekcję FAQ a jeśli masz pytania, to śmiało pytaj.

Bicycle panniers with Click mounting system

We offer a lot of panniers with a mounting system based on a patent by the German Rixen&Kaul company. If you are wondering whether it will work for you, get to know the basic features that distinguish it from other solutions.

Choose the Click mounting system, if you need adjustable hook spacing, to fit hooks to your bike rack. The Click mounting system also allows for the easy removal of the hooks from the bike pannier – especially useful for plane or train trips. This way, when you pack your panniers into a cardboard box together with the bike, you don’t need to worry that the hooks will damage the bike, which can happen when transporting panniers with a non-detachable mounting system.

Learn more about our mounting systems.

Twist X60 panniers – Click System
Twist X60 panniers – Click System

Twist X60 panniers – Click System


In stock. Shipping in 48h

The Twist X60 Click System panniers, thanks to their unique X Module system, provide great potential for increasing functionality, capacity and personalization. If you add the Pocket with fastening and lid to them, you will convert the Twist X60 Click System model into the Expert 66 Click System. If you choose different colors, your panniers will be truly unique!
Smart Panniers with inner pocket – Click System
Smart Panniers with inner pocket – Click System

Smart Panniers with inner pocket – Click System


Out of stock

Based on the proven and popular Twist 60 pannier, its younger sister was created with many unique features which make it SMART and we introduce them in our offer for the first time. Smart bicycle panniers are made of high resistance to abrasion and tearing Cordura TPU - currently the most durable material from which bicycle panniers are made. These panniers are heat-sealed and coated which makes them waterproof. Closed with the well-known and proven pannier roll system. They are equipped with an internal (detachable) pocket, which consists of two chambers. The larger one will fit a small laptop, tablet or book. The smaller one (zippered) will be perfect for transporting documents, wallet or other camping trinkets. Additionally, the pocket is equipped with a carabiner to which, for example, keys can be attached. The total size of the inner pocket is 34cm high, 23cm wide at the bottom and 28cm at the top. On the back wall of the pannier there is an external pocket that can be used to transport an additional water bottle, 1.5-liter bottle, wet sandals or other things (sweaty T-shirt, wet socks) that we do not want to put inside the pannier. The size of the pockets can be adjusted with a zipper. To ensure comfort and failure-free operation, we used the highest quality Japanese YKK® zippers in this pannier. The offer applies to two panniers (2x30 liters) mounted on the rear bicycle rack.
Dry X66 bicycle panniers
Dry X66 Panniers – Click System

Dry X66 Panniers – Click System


In stock. Shipping in 48h

Dry X66 Click System is a version of Dry X66 panniers with the Click mounting system. These panniers offer waterproofness, capaciousness, and functionality known from our flag model, Expert 66, at a lower price and with features characteristic of bags from the Dry collection. The model's fully coated fabrics enable you to easily maintain cleanliness and allow you to successfully repair the pannier on your own using the repair kit. The waterproof fabric and a double closing system including rolling and a hood protect the contents not only from heavy rain, but even during momentary full immersion in water!
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