Zipper Top bag


The Zipper Top bag is a small bag designed in a way that allows you to quickly and easily access snacks while riding a bike. You can open and close it with just one hand.

Zipper Top bag is attached to the upper frame with three hook-and-loops. One of them is sewn permanently into the non-slip material which provides stability. The placement of the remaining two can be regulated thanks to a set of loops. The bag can be mounted on the front, on the head tube, as well as in the back, on the seat tube.

The Zipper Top bag is made of waterproof TPU Cordura, and the closure is made of a splash-proof zipper with a convenient pull.

There are reflective logos on both sides of the bag, which improve a cyclist’s visibility on the road, thus improving your safety!


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CR.ZIP.Z.TOP.000 , ,


Weight 0,105 kg
Dimensions 23 × 6 × 9 cm

Black, Red

Data and price for

one piece

Reflective elements

Visible from up to 600 meters

Method of panel connection

Main material


1 l

Mounting system

Closure system

Location on the bike

Top tube of the bicycle frame

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Only in the set!

Due to the large number of questions, we would like to inform you that ALL BICYCLE PANNIERS are sold only in sets of two pieces! We do not sell single panniers.