Zipper bag – tailor-made


The Zipper bikepacking bag is a tailor-made option that allows you to use the bicycle frame as a transport space – very fashionable recently in bikepacking.

The Zipper bag is attached with five Velcro fasteners under the top tube of the bicycle frame. The sides that are tangent to the frame tubes along their entire length are equipped with a system of loops that allow the Velcro to be attached in the most convenient place.

The Zipper bikepacking bag is made of waterproof Cordura TPU, and the closure is made of a splash-proof zipper.

On both sides of the bag there is a reflective logo that increases the visibility of the cyclist on the road, thus improving your safety!

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If you want a bag that cannot be described with the above dimensions, see the Zipper Tangent, product, which we can make based on the template you sent.
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The combination of waterproof fabric, splash-proof zipper and sewing technology makes a bag that is resistant to splashes and short-term rain. Moisture-sensitive items should be secured before being placed in the bag.

As this is a custom-made product, payment in advance is required. Custom merchandise is not returnable. Dimension tolerance: +/-3%.

Despite the use of a combination of soft and non-slip materials at the point of contact with the frame, bags mounted directly on the bicycle frame (not only ours, all bags on the market!) may cause the paint to tarnish as a result of long-term vibrations and movement. To prevent this, the frame should be secured, e.g., by applying protective tapes or foil.

Currently (summer 2022), the expected lead time for individual orders is 6 weeks.


Black, Red


Depends on the dimensions ordered by the customer

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Reflective elements

On both sides of the pannier

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Main material

Mounting system

Closure system

Location on the bike

Top tube of the bicycle frame

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