Zipper Cosinus bag – tailor-made


The Zipper Cosinus bag is a tailor-made proposition for those who want to use the loading potential of the main triangle of their bicycle frame down to the last square centimeter. This is a bag that is made-to-measure especially for you.

This bikepacking tailor-made bag has an extremely practical two-chamber design, which allows for better organization of equipment and easier access to the contents. The presence of a partition means that the bag does not tend to take a round shape – so there is no problem with rubbing the legs against the scattered sides of the bag.

The partition between the chambers is attached with Velcro and if you want, you can remove it in case you need to transport a larger size in it. You can also detach it only at the end and in this way transport the tent frame inside without giving up the advantages of the two-chamber solution.
We place the partition approximately 2/3 of its height. 1/3 of the height is for the upper chamber, and 2/3 for the lower one.

The edges in contact with the frame along their entire length are equipped with a system of loops which enable fastening the bag with Velcro in the most convenient places. The set includes eight fixing straps lined with non-slip material that stabilizes the bag and protects the frame. Three of the straps are longer so that they can be used with the main pipe, which usually has a larger gage. If they turn out too long for your frame, shorten the hemless side using scissors. Zipper Cosinus bag is made of Cordura TPU – a material with extraordinary abrasion resistance. A thick inner layer of thermoplastic polyurethane provides the fabric with complete and lasting waterproofness.

Zipper Cosinus bag is closed with a splash-proof zipper, the location of which you decide yourself. Reflective logos on both sides of the bag to effectively increase visibility.

The pictures show different options of reflective prints. Currently, in Cosinus bag, we are applying a graphic with the motif of the mountains.

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The combination of waterproof fabric, splash-proof zipper and sewing technology makes a bag that is resistant to splashes and short-term rain. Moisture-sensitive items should be secured before being placed in the bag.

This bag is equipped with two pockets for small items:
– an internal pocket, located just below the main zipper,
– an outer mesh pocket, located on the opposite side from the main zipper. Perfect if you always want to have snacks at hand.

We have added the long-awaited by many of you possibility of optionally ordering a two-chamber bag. The bag is thus divided in 1/3 of the height of the saddle tube, the partition dividing the luggage spaces is mounted with Velcro, it can be easily removed to obtain one large compartment. It can also be partially detached to accommodate a long load, e.g. poles from a tent.

If you wish to modify this bag (four-cornered or polygonal shape, additional pockets, zippers, tapes or buckles), please contact us by writing an email to our workshop, i.e. individual orders department at: [email protected]after analyzing your design, we will price it and send you a message regarding its realization.

As this is a custom-made product, payment in advance is required. Custom merchandise is not returnable. Dimension tolerance: +/-3%.

Despite the use of a combination of soft and non-slip materials at the point of contact with the frame, bags mounted directly on the bicycle frame (not only ours, all bags on the market!) may cause the paint to tarnish as a result of long-term vibrations and movement. To prevent this, the frame should be secured, e.g., by applying protective tapes or foil.

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