Mini Bag 3 (transparent)


The transparent waterproof Mini Bag is a new version of the well-known and popular Mini Bag.
It’s great for both kayaking and biking trips to protect our most valuable belongings from water, moisture or dust.
The transparent material will allow us to quickly and easily locate even the smallest item we need to pull out quickly.

The bag is made entirely of waterproof fabrics coated on both sides.
The individual elements of the bag have been precisely and tightly connected with each other using HF welding technology.

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The rolled closure provides protection against rain and prevents water from leaking inside even during a momentary full submersion.
The Mini Bag can accommodate all the items that are the most important on a trip: a wallet, documents, a camera, a smartphone, a walkie-talkie or a GPS device.

The Mini Bag comes with a shoulder strap, making it even more practical and functional.
What’s more, when you return from your trip, you can wash it very easily by rinsing it with water.
Use detergent and a cloth for heavier stains.

Technical drawing: Mini Bag 3 – dimensions

Weight 0,150 kg
Dimensions 16 × 7 × 37 cm
Height when open

37 cm

Height after being rolled three times (approximately)


Data and price for

Shoulder strap

Closure system

Reflective elements

Main material

Method of panel connection


Modular system

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