Expert Bag 40


Versatile transport bag with a 35 liter capacity made entirely of TPU Cordura. The set includes shoulder straps which transform the bag into a backpack and a strap for carrying the bag on your shoulder.

Flying somewhere? Pack everything into our Expert bag and let the porters throw, pile, and cram it. Let other people worry about a torn off handle, ripped zipper, and underwear scattered all over the landing strip. You can focus on taking your window seat. And once the plane lands, take out the shoulder straps from your pocket, put on your backpack, and head for the city.

Going bikepacking? Pack your tent, foam pad, and sleeping bag into an Expert Bag. In the evening, you’ll have all your camping equipment in one place and all dry at that. You can mount the bag on your rack using two straps (not included in the set).

Are you a motorcyclist? The knees, elbows, and buttocks of your suit are probably padded with Cordura in order to prolong their lifespan. Pay equal attention to your baggage. Expert Bag is made entirely of Cordura.

Hey, canoeist! The rims of a canoe are not always smooth. Sometimes you need to shove the baggage with your foot, right? If you’re not the kind of person who handles their equipment with excessive care, or you’re sometimes too tired to carry heavy loads, so you just drag it on the shore – this product is just what you need.

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