Dry MOTO 60 panniers

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Dry 60 motorcycle panniers are Crosso’s proposition for those who have chosen a motorcycle to travel the world.

They are an alternative to metal trunks.
They are made of fully coated Plastel/Polymar fabrics known from Crosso Dry bicycle panniers.
Their advantages are full waterproofness, a low price, ease of cleaning and the possibility of independent, effective repair. The mounting system is made of aluminum and steel.

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DRY 60 motorcycle panniers are designed for mounting on a side motorcycle frame with parallel upper and lower tubes with a diameter of 19-21 mm.
If the diameter of the tubes is smaller, an insert made for example from a PVC hose should be placed on the tube.

The MOTO mounting system consists of two aluminum guides: one horizontal and one vertical.
On the upper, horizontal guide, there are three steel hooks whose spacing can be adjusted steplessly.
The maximum spacing of the external hooks is 25 cm.
The fastening mounted on the lower vertical guide is used to lock the pannier in place.
The distance between the top and bottom tubes of the frame must be 22-28 cm.

The MOTO mounting system allows you to quickly remove the panniers and put them on without tools.

Please note:
The photos showing the mounting system present it with a different model of panniers than the one offered.

Dry MOTO 60 technical drawing

Weight 2,730 kg
Dimensions 35 × 16 × 35 cm



Mounting system

Closure system

Method of panel connection

Reflective elements

Main material


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