Dry Bag X60


New! Dry Bag X60 with a backpack function!

We present to you our transport bags made of a material resistant to seawater and UV radiation.

They are an irreplaceable piece of equipment for canoeists, yachtsmen, cyclists, motorcyclists or 4×4 racing enthusiasts.

The Dry Bag can also be used “the other way round” – after swimming or diving, you can pack wet things into the bag without worrying about flooding, for example, the trunk of your car.

On a campsite, you can use the bag to carry water from the river! What’s more, you can easily dry it, as the bag is equipped with a practical handle for hanging it.

Besides waterproofness, another advantage offered by the double coated fabric used in our Dry series is that it can be easily mended. If there’s a cut or abrasion, you can repair it yourself using our repair kit.

The set includes detachable shoulder straps and a hip belt which turn the bag into a capacious backpack and allow you to carry it conveniently. As all our bags, this one also comes with a shoulder strap.

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CR.DRY.W.X60.000 ,

Additional information

Weight 0,965 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 92 cm

Green, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Gray, Olive, Orange, Azure

Data and price for

one piece


60 l

The height of the open bag

92 cm

Height after being rolled three times (approximately)

72 cm


35 cm

Main material

Closure system


Backpack function


Shoulder strap


Reflective elements


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